Millenium OST After School Programs

MS 137 is proud to have a after school program partnership with Millenium Development Corp.
Contact: Mr. Woody Bastien program director 718-659-0471 ext. 2230
Here are some of the programs offered for our students:


Students will learn the rules and strategies of archery, followed by practice of the sport. In the end, students will form a team to compete.-- Students will engage in the sport of Olympic archery. They learn and apply biomechanics, safety precautions, mental focus, and participate in competitions through Easton Developmentā€™s Olympic Archery in Schools program, in both singles and team formats. They will compete in our company, Millennium Development's league through the school year as well. This will get the children ready for the season. At the end of the summer, I am planning to have parents come watch a small competition that will take place. This will help out in the parent engagement Students will compose art projects and other creative activities.


Researching how to build a small robot with advanced lego pieces. Students will learn a software/application in order to program the robot to become mobile. This robot will be programmed to perform basic task basketball leadership The kids will join a neighboring compass program. They will do soccer clinics with the younger kids. They will become mentors to the kids something like a "big brother/sister" program. They will also do neighborhood clean ups around the school and community. They will do a few graffiti paint overs as well in the first few months. They will also work with a local charity such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

Team Sports

Students will be able to partake in either a sport of their choice. Whether it be a usual activity as in soccer or basketball, or one that we do not usually offer, as in kickball or handball. Not only will students be able to go off schedule to pick a sport, but they will be able to create their own sport too, as long as they come prepared with a full lesson plan. They could either sit with a staff member and go over the lesson plan so they can lead the activity, or the students themselves can lead the activity. chess/ An activity to engage our students in socializing, fair play, rules and tactics in a fun and competitive yet non-competitive surrounding. Students are taught new games and work to improve skills in chess particularly developing foresight into opponents plans, strategy and mathematical situations. This helps develop skills in strategy and planning.

Flag Football Participants will learn the proper techniques of the game. They will learn various skills in order to become an above average flag football player. They will develop friendships, discipline, proper skills and a healthy life style as physical fitness plays a huge part of the game. Constant movement is a requirement which will help with health. In addition, in the competitive environment that is MS 137, students will learn to remember that winning and losing does not matter in all sports settings. The art of play and developing as an active person, if instilled at this early age, will lead to healthier and more well rounded adults of the future.  

On November 8th MS 137 and Millenium Development participated in our First Annual Breast Cancer Walk

M. S 137 Millenium Students Visited a Veteran's Day Hospital