At M.S. 137, America’s School of Heroes, we believe that an Arts education is a vital component to a child’s development both academically and emotionally. We seek to provide every child with the opportunity to experience the arts and use that experience to find their voice and express themselves in ways that promote cultural literacy.

With the NYC Blueprint for Learning in the Arts as our guide,  MS 137 has structured our visual art curriculum to ensure that our Arts goals are achieved.

For our youngest grade level students we believe that an interdisciplinary approach to art instruction is essential to an introduction of their Middle School Art experience.  The focal point is linking the 6th grade Social Studies curriculum to the study of Visual Art. Exploring ancient civilizations, their cultures and each cultures interpretation of their world through art expression is the main focus of study.  Using the Elements of Art as tools, students create projects that demonstrate their understanding of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, as well as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Grade 7
In seventh grade the art curriculum turns its focus to careers in art. At this grade level students are beginning to explore their High School options early in their eighth grade year, we believe artistically talented students should become aware that their artistic abilities are applicable to the corporate world. Areas such as graphic design, architecture and commercial art are studied.   Hands on projects are created through situations that mimic real world scenarios.

8th Grade
In this final year of middle school, the students return to the study of fine arts.  An emphasis on art of the 20th century as well as present day contemporary art comprises the majority of the curriculum projects. Topics include abstract painting, printmaking, conceptual art as well as murals set design and site specific public artworks.

Honors Art Program
For those students striving to apply for art and design programs within the many NYC high schools offering these specific programs, M.S. 137 provides students with the opportunity to participate in a visual arts honors program.  During the 6th grade year, students are evaluated on artistic and academic ability and recommended to this two year program. In 7th or 8th grade, those students that are selected to continue with the program begin the rigorous process of portfolio preparation and audition practice.  We are proud of our admission success with schools such as LaGuardia High School, Frank Sinatra High School, High School of Art and Design and High School of Fashion Industries.

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