Welcome to Middle School 137’s Math Department! Middle School 137’s math departmental goal is to provide all students with the ability to become successful, independent critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our math team comprised of approximately fifty educators, work together to create an exciting, innovative and collaborative environment across our math classrooms.

To meet the high expectations that the Common Core Learning Standards sets for middle school students, our school is currently using the GoMath! program. Within this program, students are exposed to introductory exploratory methods, guided practice illustrating multiple methods and independent practice for students to gain the precision and accuracy, which the CCLS calls for. Student-centered strategies are implemented in all of our classrooms, which enable students to use their prior knowledge and expertize to collaboratively create and test new ideas and concepts they have formulated into real-world applications.

Each year’s focus is a continuum of the previous year’s work. Our 6th grade students focus on operations with decimals and fractions, as well as ratio and proportional relationships. The 7th grade further develops ratio and proportional relationships with a deeper focus on algebra. Finally, in 8th grade, our students prepare for high school mathematics by digging deeper into algebraic equations and functions.

Our Advanced Regents Program allows eligible students to go beyond the middle school curriculum and receive high school credit in mathematics. Students in 8th grade are studying for the Algebra I New York State CCLS Regents Exam taken in June. Upon graduating, these selected students have entered high school with the knowledge and skills to move into higher-level mathematics throughout high school, allowing them the opportunity to receive college credit.

Our mathematics department is continually expanding and changing to meet the needs of our large population of students. It is our belief that all students at MS 137 will develop the skills and experiences they need to become college and career ready as they continue on their education journey.

 You can Find the Math Pacing schedules here:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade