Student Government Organization

Our Student Government Organization has elected representatives from each class in the school community to partake in their respected grade cabinets to address the needs and activities of their student body. The students hold an annual election for their President, Vice President, and Secretary positions after campaigning and speeches have been presented to the constituent members. These political party practices expose our students to the government practices they will one day exhibit as contributing members of society. The student cabinet members meet with their respective assistant principals and principal to plan and set goals and activities for the student body to run throughout the school year. All student government members participate in an array of community service projects that include collecting supplies for a local animal shelter, Heavenly Angels, Annual JDRF walk in Howard Beach, City Harvest, and Jeans for Teens. Our community service projects enable the students to build community relations and foster personal growth in giving back to our great school community. Furthermore, the Student Government also leads our Annual Career Day where our community members, staff, student family members, as well as local politicians participate in a day of college and career knowledge building. Upon graduating, these students have entered high school with the knowledge and skills of how the political system operates, roles and responsibilities of citizenship, as well as experience of the roles and expectations of politicians.