We are a community of historians who focus on key facts, themes, and concepts in history. We learn about specific historical events and important figures in different parts of the world and in different time periods.

Our 6th Grade Pacing Calendar explores ancient civilizations and religions. They amble a bit through European history to set the foundation for their saunter through parts of American

Our 7th Grade Pacing Calendar covers a more in depth look of our country’s history. Our students begin their journey through history of our early encounters and develop their knowledge of colonial American history as a time of exploration, conflict, and struggle. Our students explore the growth of our democratic spirit 
and the emergence of our “new” nation.

Our 8th Grade Pacing Calendar continues the journey with the industrialization of our country, the United States becoming a world power bringing us into our modern world. Every student is guided by their teacher to unravel the turning points of American history and apply how these events are connected to present day events.

As one can readily see, our social studies curriculum, in all grades, is quite extensive and intense. All of the curriculum covers a great deal of content, while our main goal is to give our students the critical skills they need to analyze, understand, and appreciate the content. Our teachers give our students the strategies and practice they need to interpret and use primary sources, master the art of responding to document-based questions, and the ability to write effective history essays.

Our elite staff of Social Studies teachers, continue to develop their knowledge and skills by attending different workshops in school and out of school. Some of the exciting workshops that have been attended, by our staff, were at West Point, NY, Gettysburg, PA, the New Amsterdam Settlement, the Museum of the City of New York, and the Holocaust Museum.