At Middle School 137 we have three state of the art computer labs where we offer our technology and technology/graphic art programs. Students can use software in the laboratory such as Garage Band, iMovie, Microsoft Office, Scratch, Comic Life, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash as well as using the Internet.

Students are instructed on the do's and don'ts of Internet safety, Internet research in addition to participating in project based learning experiences using the software applications in the lab and applications online.

Many times the technology teacher collaborates with a core subject teacher as students research topics online and prepare a presentation project in the lab using the software applications.

View an example of our interdisciplinary project with the Science department:

Word Search Samples One:

Word Search Samples Two:

Click for ComicLife samples of the Hammurabi Code

Here is a wonderful example of a Science and Technology Project in which students created I movies on Cell Analogies:

A Cell is Like a Death Star

Students completed a unit on Internet Safety which culminated with student created Internet Safety Posters using Adobe Photoshop. Have a look here.